Research at the AES focuses on all topics related to Management and Economics in Afghanistan

Studies are related to

- The role/development of the public sector /Public sector reforms

- Trade and export in Afghanistan

- Governance regulation and trade

- The banking and finance sector in Afghanistan

- The development of fiscal policy in Afghanistan

- Refugees and Migration

- Foreign aid and remittances

- Unemployment and poverty in Afghanistan

- The role/development of the private sector


the analyses of markets for different products and services, such as

- The telecommunication sector in Afghanistan

- The Afghan labor market

- The energy market of Afghanistan with a focus on renewable energy


Afghanistan and its natural resources, such as

- The agricultural sector of Afghanistan

- Urban agriculture in Afghanistan

- Strategies to overcome food insecurity (rural and in cities)

- The availability of fresh water in Afghan cities

- The Mining sector in Afghanistan


One of the most important recent topics is the current Covid-19 pandemic, which has an impact on all economies worldwide!