032 - Sharafat, O.

Omid Sharafat:

Training and development programs in telecommunication companies - a case study on Etisalat Afghanistan



Training and development is considered vital for the employees in order to increase their productivity. Training assists employees to learn skills and behaviors that will help them perform their job successfully.The main motive behind doing this research was to find the positions of the employees in Telecommunication Company in Afghanistan. The data was collected from 182 employees in five provinces. The main objective of this paper was to find the relationships between the variables such as training with productivity, training with promotion, training with job performance, productivity with promotion, and so on. In order to analyze these relationships the cross tabulation method was used and then the relationship was tested using chi square test. From the study it was found that the following variables had positive relationship: training with productivity, training with objective achievement, training with job performance, productivity with promotion, and quality of training with productivity. However, the following variables had the negative relationships: education with job performance, incentives with participation in the training, experience with promotion, and experience with productivity. Most of the relationships were as expected, except few such as education with job performance, experience with productivity, providing incentives for training and participation in training.

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