023 - Danesh, S. E.

Said Ezmaray Danesh:

Brands in Afghanistan: an empirical investigation about the relevance of national and international brands from a customer point of view



This research intended to investigate empirically the relevance of national and international brands in Afghanistan. The main focus of the study was on examining the different benefits that Afghan costumers receive by consuming a specific brand and whether they were willing to pay extra money for their preferred brand. The main relevant data for the study was primarily collected by semi-structured questionnaires interviewing targeted population. Through an accidental sampling method, a group of 200 costumers from four more populated and commercial cities (Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad and Mazar-e-Sharif) of the country were targeted for conducting the survey. In addition, five international and five national relatively well-known brands and/or products in Afghanistan were considered for this investigation. The results revealed that the familiarity with national and international brands generally and specifically all over the studied are is different. Costumers receive quality, social and emotional benefits by consuming their preferred brand. In general comparison, costumers prefer international brands but in individual instance the preference was slightly toward national brand. However, the extra payment for consuming a preferred international brand is slightly higher among the studied group but the impact of received benefits varied. In conclusion, because of sampling methodology and targeted studying site, the generalization of the results need to be greatly dealt with caution.

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