020 - Olkar, F.

Fabeha Olkar:

The Impacts of advertisement and Corporate Social Responability Perception on Customer Satisfaction in the Telecommunication Sector



This  study  investigates  and  measures  the  impact  of  advertisement  and  Corporate  Social Responsibility (CSR) on customers’ satisfaction and loyalty in the telecommunication sector, in Afghanistan especially in the Balkh Province. The primary data for this study was collected from 200 customers from six areas of Mazar city who consumed the services of telecommunication companies. The stakeholder theory and legitimacy theory were  employed to examine and explain the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach undertaken by telecom companies. The results show that there is a strongly positive correlation between customer satisfaction and advertisement and telecom companies’ CSR activities. The study further revealed that CSR activities have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. The findings also show that properties in advertising have a considerable effect on persuading positive consumer satisfaction.Therefore, increase in companies’ CSR activities and honest and entertaining advertisement can lead to significant increase in welfare for customers and high level of profit for telecom companies.

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