008 - Hussaini, A.

Aliaqa Hussaini:

The Potential of Afghan Saffron in International Markets. A value Chain Analysis with a Specific Reference to Herat Province



Saffron (Crocus sativus), a perpetual plant, is famous for its aroma and used for medicinal, cosmetic and serving culinary purposes. The main purpose of this study is to analyze the potential of Afghan Saffron in international markets. The analyze is made on the basis of both primary and secondary data, that has been collected through questionnaires and from different other valid sources. Different analytical tools such as the Cobb-Douglas production function and value chain analysis have been used to analyze the collected data. The Cobb-Douglas production function has been used to detect the relationship and returns to scales between the inputs and output of saffron production, while the value chain analysis has been used to find the best value chain for the produced saffron. The results of the analysis indicate that the most significant inputs for the cultivation of saffron are corm and labor. Jointly all significant inputs of production show constant return to scale. Hence, among the four chains such as farmer, local collector, local trader and exporter that were explained in the value chain analysis of saffron, the farmer with an amount of (45057AFN 1 ) and the exporter with an amount of (5277 AFN) create high value chain.

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