080 - Ghani, A. M.

Akhtar Mohammad Ghani:

Marble Sub-Sector Production and Market Analysis: Case Study from the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan



The sub-sector of marble Production is one of the most important contributors to Afghanistan’s economy in terms of income generation and employment. This study aims to determine the extent to which the marble sub-sector contributes to household income and to identify the opportunities and challenges the sector faces in the Nangarhar province. Household income contribution was analyzed by conducting multiple linear regressions and the results show that income from the marble and livestock sectors were statistically significant contributors, while income from other sources were not found to be statistically significant contributors. Furthermore, the study identified a number of obstacles which stakeholders active in the sector face and which prevent the sector from developing more rapidly. These obstacles are lack of security, insufficient capital and inadequate technology. This research is based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected from the target stakeholders of this sector and the secondary data from a variety of relevant sources, such as government reports, the IMF, the World Bank and other similarly reputable sources. For the primary data collection part of the study, 200 stakeholders were randomly selected from across four districts (Khogyani, Sherzad, Achin and Hisarak) in the Nangarhar province. Data collection was carried out through specially designed questionnaires. The data were then analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

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