077 - Sadiq, M. E.

Mohammad Ehsan Sadiq:

Assessing the Demand for Natural Gas in Afghanistan: Case Study of Juzjan Province



This research aims to evaluate factors affecting the demand for natural gas in Afghanistan. The study participants are 200 Juzjanian households, both beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of natural gas. The sampled households were chosen from different regions of Juzjan Province using a random sampling method. The primary collected data via questionnaire was analyzed by conducting binary logistic regression as well as descriptive analysis. The findings show that 120 out of 200 sampled households consume natural gas, and 80 do not. Ninety-nine out of 120 natural gas consuming households are not satisfied with the natural gas distribution mechanism, yet they continue to consume it because of its cheap price. Out of 120 natural gas consumers, 36 use it for business purposes and 84 use it for non-business purposes. Out of 80 households who do not consume natural gas, 66 would like to consume it but have no supply in the area in which they are living. Regression estimations indicate that the independent variables such as household income, literacy level of the household head, and household size positively impact consumption of natural gas and are statistically significant.

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