072 - Barlas, A. W.

Ahmad Walid Barlas:

International Migration, Remittances and Income Inequality in Afghanistan: Evidence from the Northeastern Region



This research evaluates the destinations of Afghan migrants and the impact of external remittances on income distribution in the Northeastern region of Afghanistan. The primary data was collected from questionnaires sent to 300 households in Takhar and Badakhshan provinces. The respondents were selected using a multi-stage sampling approach. The Gini coefficient was used to estimate income distribution in the study areas. Additionally, the relative concentration coefficient and percentage change in the total Gini coefficient were checked. Our findings reveal that the majority of migrants from Takhar (38%) and Badakhshan (37%) provinces live in Turkey and Iran respectively. The Gini coefficient (0.38) and Lorenz curve exposed that income per capita is not equally distributed among respondents in the northeast region. The relative concentration coefficient and percentage change in total Gini coefficient confirmed that all income sources except salary diminish the inequality rate in the study areas. Specifically, the remittance value indicates that by increasing 1% of remittances, income inequality declines by 0.05%.

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