063 - Haidari, A.

Ajmal Haidari:

Rural Electrification and its Impact on Socio-economic Status of Beneficiaries



Electricity is a prerequisite for a country’s rural development. This study focuses on this topic in the capital cities of Badakhshan province (Fayzabad) and Takhar province (Taliqan). Questionnaire were used to collect data from 350 households in both cities. Living conditions in Taliqan city, which benefits from full access to electricity imported from a neighboring country, and Fayzabad which sources electricity from local diesel generators for limited periods of time every day, were compared in this study. The socio-economic status was assessed by taking in to account levels of education, health, savings, access to information, employment and the states of environment. The data was analyzed using multiple regression in SPSS. It was found that having fully access to electricity has a positive impact on level of education, health, access to information, savings and working hours in Taliqan city, while it appeared to have  no impact on employment and the state of the environment. It can be assumed that Shorabak hydropower plant, which is due to become operational in December 2020 and which will provide full and constant access to electricity at a low cost per kW, will have the same socio-economic positive changes on beneficiaries in Fayzabad as those seen in Taliqan.

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