060 - Danesh, S. E.

Said Ezmaray Danesh:

Study of the Costs, Returns and Profitability of Saffron Production in Afghanistan, Case Study of Herat Province



This research examines the economic and financial (costs and benefits) effects of the production of saffron crop by farmers in Afghanistan. As the Herat province’s contribution to the national yield of this crop is very high (more than 90%), the study sample was selected from two of the main saffron cultivating districts in this province. A sample of 250 farmers was targeted using multi-stage, simple random sampling. To extract useful and reliable results, the relevant costs, income and profits were recorded, and an appropriate calculation methodology and empirical model were used. The production of saffron was also analyzed using the Cobb-Douglas production function. The results reveal that Afghan farmers spend a large amount of money on seeds for cultivation. The amount of land under the cultivation has a considerable impact on a farmer’s level of output. The findings of this study will be useful for the farmers themselves, allowing them to manage their activities more efficiently and therefore minimize costs. The findings will also help the government and other relevant organizations and policy makers to more effectively support Afghan farmers producing this profitable crop.


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