056 - Haidari, A.

Ajmal Haidari:

The Influence of the Internet on Afghan University Students’ Academic Performance



The importance of the internet in the academic arena increases day by day. It is a global phenomenon that has changed the academic landscape and is the official medium used to access academic sources. Many studies have been conducted to investigate the role of the internet in academic life of students. Therefore, this quantitative research is intended to assess the topic in an Afghan context.  The target population was university students in the northern provinces of Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz, Baghlan, Samangan and Balkh. The aim was to investigate the role of academic internet use, social use and recreational internet use on students’ academic performance. The primary data was collected by questionnaire using purposive random sampling. This data was analyzed using regression with SPSS version 25. It was found that all three independent variables academic, social and recreational internet use had positive relation with academic performance, but these relationships were statistically insignificant. In addition it was found that all Afghan university students use the internet in their academic activities, but not as expected, because of the young history of the internet in Afghanistan. Female students also use internet

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