053 - Barlas, A. W.

Ahmad Walid Barlas:

An Appraisal of Influencing Factors on Rural-Urban Migration in Afghanistan: Using Samangan Province as a Case Study



This research appraises the influencing factors on rural-urban migration in Samangan province, Afghanistan. The primary data were obtained through the administration of a questionnaire to 400 households in Aybak city and Khuram-o-Sarbagh district. The respondents were selected using a multi-stage sampling approach. A logit model was used to estimate the correlation between immigration status and socio-economic factors. In the descriptive analysis, the surveyed households confirmed drought, poverty and flooding as push factors, while finding better jobs, earning more money and accessing higher quality education were identified as pull determinants. The inferential estimates showed a positive and significant correlation between migration status, age and employment status. However a negative relationship was estimated for marital status, working experience and number of males per household.

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