049 - Sadiq, M. E.

Mohammad Ehsan Sadiq:

Unemployment among the Educated Youth in Afghanistan: Case Study of Jowzjan University Graduates



This study aims to find the main causes of unemployment among educated youth in Afghanistan. The focus group of this research is university graduates who graduated from Jowzjan University in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. The university is a public academic institution in Jowzjan province, northern Afghanistan. 350 graduates out of 3,884 from seven faculties and of different genders were selected as samples for this study using a systematic approach. The primary data was collected via questionnaire and was analyzed by conducting logistic regression and descriptive analysis. The findings indicate that 45% of the 350 graduates sampled were unemployed during the survey. Weak computer and English language skills, lack of job training and mediation were the significant causes of their unemployment. Of the 350 undergraduates sampled, 53% reported being employed during the survey. 35% of the employed graduates were working at governmental organizations, 32% had joined the private sector, 28% of them were self-employed and only 2% had found a job at international organizations. Female graduates comprised 29% of our respondents and the unemployment rate among female graduates was 61%, higher than that among the male graduates. The GPA was greater among female graduates than the male graduates.

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