042 - Haidari, A.

Ajmal Haidari:

Impact of Telecommunication Companies’ CSR on Customer Purchase Intention - Case study of Fayzabad City-Badakhshan Province-Afghanistan



The current research evaluates the impact of Afghan telecommunication companies CSR activities on customer purchase intention in Fayzabad city of Badakhshan province. The research is qualitative and experimental; customers of three telecommunication companies out of six operating in case the study area constitutes the target population, because these three companies have been showing a good commitment to CSR compared to their competitors. The primary data for this experiment was randomly obtained from three groups of telecom customers via questionnaires designed on the basis of the literature review. Each company’s customers were recruited into experimental and a control groups using the random allocation method. For the purpose of data analysis, a statistical package for social science (SPSS) was applied to assess group mean difference and the research hypotheses were tested at p-value 0.05 significance level. Applying the ANOVA technique to measure the impact of CSR a positive effect of Roshan CSR strategy on customer purchase intention was revealed. In addition, the findings indicated that targeting potential customers through CSR activities increases the customer purchase intention for telecommunication services. The data supported the null hypothesis that CSR and customer purchase intention have a positive relationship.

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