029 - Zubair, M.

Mohammad Zubair:

Public Electricity Provision in Afghanistan



The purpose of this study is to explain the electricity supply and demand in Afghanistan, and the related price discrimination. Regular power supply is one of the most important factors, which supports economic growth and development. The focus of this paper is on the public electricity provision and access to the electricity sources, which have negatively affected through the decades of war in Afghanistan. As a result, forests reduced to half, because of high dependency on wood using as an energy source. The study theoretically explains supply, demand, price, and regulation of electricity with standard rules. Furthermore, the study is providing a description of the current situation of energy provision and demand of the electricity from energy sources in Afghanistan and investigate possible long run shifts in production technically. This study was conducted with the help of analytical and as well expressive methods of research to show the aimed perception. Data was collected from primary and valid secondary sources. Primary data has been collected with the help of structured questionnaire from Afghan electricity market. In addition, secondary data includes documents and publication of the ministry of water and power, and other related internal and foreign organizations.

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