018 - Mohsen, A.

Ahsanullah Mohsen:

The technical efficiency of fruit production in Afghanistan - a case study of Logar province



“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things” (Peter Drucker).
Horticultural activity is among the focal sources of income for the residents of Afghanistan. Hence, those families which largely rely on their agricultural and/or garden outputs require efficient gardening (fruit producing) activities to be in a position to live a comfortable life. The key motivation for this paper is the absence of research in this area. For this reason, the results of this paper could be used as vital background information to ensure strategies aimed at productivity gain. Gardening activities in Afghanistan are conducted in the traditional manner. Customary methods of horticulture are typical causes of low productivity. The study included 196 fruit producers and intended to find the mean technical efficiency of fruit gardeners in the Logar province of Afghanistan, which will highlight the potential opportunities for increasing the yields. To approach these economic issues, several methods of technical efficiency estimation were used. One of them is Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA). The maximum likelihood estimation method is utilized to estimate the coefficients and predict the parameters of inefficiency equation. The mean technical efficiency was found to be very low, namely 43.42% on average for the participants. This equally means that orchard owners are not operating in a technically efficient manner. Based on the findings in this paper, the output of the fruit producers could be increased by almost 67 % with the same amount of resources.

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