012 - Temory, M. D.

Mohammad Dawude Temory:

What Determinants the Household Income in Afghanistan



Today’s household income is often used as an important indicator of Economics. Understanding the case of problems and upgrading the income of share of household is not only an academic interest but also very helpful for future planning that the government and also policy makers take into account. The main objective of this research is to assess which factors effect on income of Household in Afghanistan. And also to analyse the important elements of these factors on Household income in five most populated provinces of Afghanistan since the level of incomes in these provinces including rural and urban areas differ vastly. Besides analysing the factors, this research aims to take into account how positive or negative effects of each variable have affected the household income in local areas. The paper also investigates the changes of factors determining the household incomes in the whole part of area and each province separately. The result of this research will not only show how successful policies of government have been, but also indicates the important factors that policy makers should take into account for future plans of government.

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