003 - Mohammadi, M.

Maryam Mohammadi:

Contribution of Dairy Farming to Households’ Income and Food Security - Case Study of Balkh Province



This study investigates the determinants of the households’ (HH) milk production output, costs, and estimates their dairy income in Dehdadi district of Balkh province in Afghanistan. The primary data for the study was collected from 200 female milk producers using a random sampling procedure. In addition, qualitative information from semi-structured interviews with four milk collectors and two milk-processing plants’ executive managers complements the quantitative records from the households’ survey. The productivity method under the header of the revealed preferences was identified as an appropriate method to assess the impact of dairy income on HHs’ total income and the CES production function was used to analyze the milk production function. The results of estimation showed that there is a significant and positive relationship between dairy income and HH’s total income. The results also revealed that dairy production has a positive impact on the female milk producers’ self-sufficiency as well as it influences the food security of both dairy farming and non-dairy farming households. The study further revealed that there is a link between poverty and dairy farming in the area. Therefore, this agricultural sub-sector can be considered as a potential area for improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers especially the poor in the rural areas and reducing their poverty to some extent.

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