005 - Asadi, M. H.

Mohammad Haroon Asadi:

The Determinants of Child Labour in Afghanistan - The Case Study in Mazar-e-Sharif



The objective of this study is to examine the three determinants of child labour in Afghanistan.  Using bargaining model, poverty, household characteristics and schooling play a key role as determinants of child labour. The likelihood that a child is working is estimated by using logistic regression model. The empirical results reject the luxury axiom of bargaining model and suggest that income does not have a significant impact on children’s work. In addition, the household characteristics have impact on child labour issues. These characteristics include, size, level of education, employment status, and income of the household. Moreover, child labour distorts the quality of the education when children work and attend school simultaneously. Furthermore, our results show that the determinants of child labour have significant effect between each other.

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